Make payouts to your clients. In any quantity and in any convenient way: to bank accounts and cards, phones and electronic wallets. You can fully automate the process together with Decard
Customized solutions
For a quick launch, we have ready-made solutions. You can combine the right options yourself thanks to a rich set of commands, options from Decard developers and intuitive interfaces.
Using Decard you will be able to accept payments from bank cards, electronic wallets, mobile phones and through online banks. Fast and convenient connection, easy integration and high conversion
Instant payments
Business cases
Non Residents
Decard's team can do a research of payment options on the market of interest to you in any country of the world, implement integration and create API.
Comfortable receipt of registries, host2host and possibility of deep integration with banks and other financial institutions.
Finance companies
A convenient form of payment and invoicing with fine adjustments and customization
Online shops
Decard complies with Secure Socket Layer and Secure Electronic Transactions security protocols. We additionally provide complete transaction protection through our own development and guarantee data confidentiality and integrity.
Secure protocol
Become a Decard’s partner and receive a reward for each new customer service.
Partnerships program
In Decard, detailed statistics and reports are always available in your personal account. You can manage the level of access to this data yourself. Full automation, useful options and friendly interface will save you a lot of time.
Convenient personal cabinet
The wide tariffs set allows you to choose the option that suits you. If you decline other payment system integration and start using our services, you'll get the lowest tariff for 6 months.
Flexible tariffs